Anthony Cuts


It’s not all about just the hair when it comes to Anthony Cuts, though he does a pretty extraordinary job when it comes to cuts and colors.

Anthony Cuts is also a make-up artist extraordinaire, ensuring he can give you the ultimate makeover.

Anthony, who travels the country doing hair and teaching classes, has seen his work gone viral and has been Ceatured by numerous hair care brands, including the @TheCutLife (one of the most prominent brands for highlighting hair cuts & short hair) and many other talented hairstylists.

He is currently one of the featured stylists on the The Education Channel, created by celebrity stylist, Ms Willa, where he teaches courses on his hair cutting and coloring techniques.

Hailing from the DMV area, Anthony Cuts is your man when it comes to an image overhaul.

And on Instagram, he’s got a ton of adoring fans.


“crying Bc of all this perfection surrounding me,” swooned another.

“Where are you located in VA I would love to get my hair done by you,” wrote another user.

Added another” “Wonderful…..keep reaching for the stars!!!!”

Anthony, for his part, is grateful for all of the support.



Follow him on Instagram: @anthonycuts

Jenell Stewart

Jennel Stewart

For over five years now, Jenell Stewart has dedicated herself to providing tips to women on how to deal with their unruly curly hair.

Her work on her popular and award winning website hasn’t gone unnoticed — this year, Essence’s Beauty Blogger Awards unveiled her as their winner of BEST ESTABLISHED BEAUTY BLOG.

Jenell writes about herself in her profile: “Everyone! I’m a NYC Mom of 2, with a super supportive husband who doesn’t mind that Natural Hair is my life! I’m an award winning beauty editor of the fabulous natural hair website KinkyCurlyCoilyMe! and I’m pretty good at social media. I’m committed to being healthy and sharing that journey with everyone to keep me accountable and to inspire and support you. When I’m not writing, editing, and filming YT videos — I’m either playing with my kids, working out in the gym, eating in some restaurant, hanging with my sorority sisters (zphi!) or traveling the world with my family.”

When recently asked about her success and what has been the favorite moment in her journey so far,  Jenell answered: “I spend most of the working day in my office writing and editing articles, filming and editing videos and taking phone meetings, when I do finally get the chance to go out and meet the women I am influencing, it makes all that time working in solitude worthwhile.”

Follow her on Instagram @blakizbeautyful

Darrin Lyons

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Darrin Lyons  reputation as a barber is second to none and he is commonly regarded as one of the finest in his field, but DL Master Barber is his industry name known as a talented stylist.
DL is a speaker, educator, author, and business owner @ Tangles & Locks.
Darrin Lyons has been recognized and requested by some of the biggest names in the sports, and in the entertainment industry. “A” list celebrities, and athletes such as, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Meshach Taylor, the late Heavy D, Ray Lewis, Stacey Augman, Jay Leno, and The Tonight Show Band to name a few have requested his services. DL’s client list reads like a “Who’s, Who” in Hollywood’s entertainment circle.

He has also had the distinct opportunity to have his work as a hair stylist prominently photographed in Vogue Magazine, American Salon, Vibe, and The Source, along with countless television, film, and music video projects. DL holds the distinction of being the only individual who can voice that he was the barber of choice for rap musics biggest icons, Tupac, and Biggie.

But his biggest accomplishment is to pass his knowledge on — with 30 years experience, DL Master Barber is helping to motivate others to help achieve their life, and financial goals. He is now quickly moving up the ranks as one of the top motivational speakers in the country.

Sweetly, he attributes his own success to his mother, who taught him to work hard and to never give up in reaching for his goal. Followhim on Instagram @dlmasterbarber or check out the website:


Hrush Achemyan


Hrush Achemyan is an LA based Hair and Makeup Artist, she is as beautiful as the gorgeous work she creates.

Bold brows? Check. Fierce lashes? Check. Flowing, healthy locks? Check.

When it comes to looking your best, Hrush Achemyan really is your girl.

She’s also a lifestyle blogger and shares her inside tips on everything from exercise and healthy eating to makeup essentials on her website,

Follow Hrush Achemyan on Instagram @styledbyhrush

Jimmy Jimmy Coco

2015-11-11 10.51.42_resized

Jimmy Jimmy Coco Hollywood’s celebrity and Victoria’s Secret sunless tanning expert — the man everyone goes to when they want that sun-kissed look.

2015-11-11 10.51.42_resized


Jimmy Jimmy Coco is world renowned and has revolutionized Hollywood skin with his one of a kind personalized VIP home service spray-tanning and tanning essentials under his trademark brand.

Jimmy became the in-demand Tan Man and renamed himself in 2004, Jimmy Coco and his company the very him and “catchy” Jimmy Jimmy Coco Corp. Fast forward to over ten years later and Jimmy is still in high demand. Hailed as Hollywoods tan authority by leading fashion and beauty magazines, and earning “The Best of the Best” honor in Allure Magazine (2007,2009,2011,2013). Named Pioneer of tanning in New York Post. His innovative and creative style has given him the leading edge in tanning trend for a decade.

As you can imagine, Jimmy jet setting around the globe tending to tanning skin.

His own line — Blast Tanning Spray — is touted as the last tan in a can you’ll ever need. Formulated with Vitamin D, Red Algae, and pine-pulp extract, your skin will look and feel like you’ve been on a refreshing Island getaway! Blast is environmentally friendly as it does not harm the ozone later.

Matthew McConaughey gave Jimmy's brand a shout out in Marie Claire UK

Matthew McConaughey gave Jimmy’s brand a shout out in Marie Claire UK

Follow him on Instagram @jimmyjimmycoco or visit the website:


Lydia Ko


Lydia Ko is a young woman paving the way and inspiring others with her extraordinary journey.

Lydia Ko may have just lost her No 1 ranking in women’s golf, but let’s not forget: She’s only 19 and has achieved more than not only most of us, but also her peers.

Hailing from New Zealand, Lydia Ko became the No. 1 ranked woman professional golfer on February 2, 2015 at age 17, making her the youngest player of either gender to be ranked No. 1 in professional golf.


And she is growing up before our very own eyes: The now 18-year-old recently swapped specs for contact lenses, a new hair style among other things, and she is coming into her own.

The makeover hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“If Lydia Ko is trying to make a statement – ‘I’m not a kid anymore and I mean business’ – it’s working!” website wrote.

But she’s not losing her professional focus by an means.

Ko recently described what she does during her downtime.

“After my golf, I like to come back and watch TV and just relax. That’s probably the best part of my day, no stress. I relax and chill out,” she said.

Ko, who now lives in Orlando, Florida, added: “Most of my friends from the States are the tournament players. Sometimes we go out to dinner or watch a movie, or go to Universal Studios.”

Follow Lydia Ko on Instagram @lydsko


Sally Hershberger


Sally Hershberger is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists across the globe, known for her trendsetting vision and amazing skill. Sally Hershberger talent has propelled her to celebrity status in the world of fashion, beauty and hair.

Sally’s success led to the natural evolution of her own self-titled hair care line, Sally Hershberger Hair  in 2008, which is touted as the ultimate in luxury hair care without the price tag to match.

As she says: “With the right cut and the right products, you can get great style with very little effort. That’s what my product line is all about: You looking and feeling amazing.”

Sally has three salons: Sally Hershberger Uptown located on New York’s Upper East Side, Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York’s Meatpacking District, and Sally Hershberger Los Angeles on La Cienega Boulevard.

You can follow her gorgeous work on Instagram @sallyhershberger


Melissa Nester

2015-12-04 00.32.13_resized

 Melissa Nester

If healthy hair care is what you’re looking for, then Melissa Nester of Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills, Ca is the stylist you need to know.

She’s firmly of the belief that when it comes to products, less is more and quality ingredients are what really count.

With an extensive background in hair, with twenty years under her belt, Melissa Nester is multi-talented specializing in color, cuts, custom-made wigs and hairpieces.


You’ll find her working at the fabulous, Oscar- favorite Umberto’s Salon in Beverly Hills.

Melissa particularly excels in textured natural hair with her wet-setting and round brush techniques bringing out the hair’s natural body and luster and she has long been an inspiration for JCOE Haircare Solutions.

Follow Melissa Nester on Instagram @sistermiss


Jen Atkin

Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

Jen Atkin for some outside the industry, they may not instantly recognize Jen Atkin name, but her work, they’ve seen on America’s most famous reality family — the Kardashians.

Remember when Kim stunned the world recently when she went platinum blonde during Paris Fashion Week? Well, Jen  Atkin and her team were behind it.

It’s not just Kim’s tresses she tends to: When Kris, Khloe and Kylie hit the red carpet for the NBC Upfronts in NYC two weeks ago, Jen Atkin’s team was responsible for the red carpet styles.

And remember Chrissy Teigen’ s stunning style at the Billboard Music Awards? Well, that was Jen’s team again behind another memorable media moment.


Jen Atkin is known for her unique ability to meld old school beauty with up to the minute trends and other stars she has styled include: Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks (to name a few).


Dividing her time between LA, NY, and Dubai Jen works in beauty, print, film, music video, runway, red carpet, celebrity, and advertising where her hair artisty is frequently covered by publications such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Esquire, Nylon, Allure, and W Mag and photographers Annie Leibovitz, Ellen Von Unwurth,

Jen Atkin is the founder of Mane Addicts Salons and they have three outlets around the world: NY, LA, and Dubai. Jen has tried to transform the beauty industry by offering expert advice and shining light on other artists and what goes on behind the scenes.

Follow Jen’s work and see her clientele @jenatkinhair or visit her website:


Jen Atkin’s work is renowned


Hair by Bobby

Based in New York, Hair by Bobby is creating quite the name for himself and with a client such as Gabrielle Douglas, the Olympic Gold Medalist, and his brand Hair by Bobby is on the fast-track to international acclaim.
Hair by Bobby specializes in hair extensions and utilizes professional colorist D. Edmunds to create the perfect custom color and toning.
Bobby understands that it takes teamwork to create sensational styles.
And on Yelp, he garners rave reviews.

Gina K. wrote:  “Booking with Hair By Bobby was easy and his schedule is very convenient/ flexible for my crazy work schedule. The space is small but cozy, clean and has a Bobby flare to it.

“I was welcomed with a tea and chocolate covered gingerbread cookie. During my consult, I was so tired after a long day that I wasn’t very clear with how I wanted my color to be done. I basically had some blonde highlights hand painted/dark brown roots growing out. The contrast was becoming too noticeable and my blonde looked brassy. However, the resulting look was fabulous, harmonious and exactly what I wanted. He’s obviously a mind reader.

“I love that he tries to use organic and/or least harmful methods of coloring hair. Plus, I believe I was the first client to get my hair washed with the pure alkaline water installed that day.

“I would definitely go again! My hair looks and feels great.”

Follow him on Instagram @HairbyBobby
And you can catch colorist D. Edmunds @D.Edmunds