Sally Hershberger


Sally Hershberger is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists across the globe, known for her trendsetting vision and amazing skill. Sally Hershberger talent has propelled her to celebrity status in the world of fashion, beauty and hair.

Sally’s success led to the natural evolution of her own self-titled hair care line, Sally Hershberger Hair  in 2008, which is touted as the ultimate in luxury hair care without the price tag to match.

As she says: “With the right cut and the right products, you can get great style with very little effort. That’s what my product line is all about: You looking and feeling amazing.”

Sally has three salons: Sally Hershberger Uptown located on New York’s Upper East Side, Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York’s Meatpacking District, and Sally Hershberger Los Angeles on La Cienega Boulevard.

You can follow her gorgeous work on Instagram @sallyhershberger