Jen Atkin

Television personality Kim Kardashian arrives at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

Jen Atkin for some outside the industry, they may not instantly recognize Jen Atkin name, but her work, they’ve seen on America’s most famous reality family — the Kardashians.

Remember when Kim stunned the world recently when she went platinum blonde during Paris Fashion Week? Well, Jen  Atkin and her team were behind it.

It’s not just Kim’s tresses she tends to: When Kris, Khloe and Kylie hit the red carpet for the NBC Upfronts in NYC two weeks ago, Jen Atkin’s team was responsible for the red carpet styles.

And remember Chrissy Teigen’ s stunning style at the Billboard Music Awards? Well, that was Jen’s team again behind another memorable media moment.


Jen Atkin is known for her unique ability to meld old school beauty with up to the minute trends and other stars she has styled include: Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks (to name a few).


Dividing her time between LA, NY, and Dubai Jen works in beauty, print, film, music video, runway, red carpet, celebrity, and advertising where her hair artisty is frequently covered by publications such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Esquire, Nylon, Allure, and W Mag and photographers Annie Leibovitz, Ellen Von Unwurth,

Jen Atkin is the founder of Mane Addicts Salons and they have three outlets around the world: NY, LA, and Dubai. Jen has tried to transform the beauty industry by offering expert advice and shining light on other artists and what goes on behind the scenes.

Follow Jen’s work and see her clientele @jenatkinhair or visit her website:


Jen Atkin’s work is renowned