Jenell Stewart

Jennel Stewart

For over five years now, Jenell Stewart has dedicated herself to providing tips to women on how to deal with their unruly curly hair.

Her work on her popular and award winning website hasn’t gone unnoticed — this year, Essence’s Beauty Blogger Awards unveiled her as their winner of BEST ESTABLISHED BEAUTY BLOG.

Jenell writes about herself in her profile: “Everyone! I’m a NYC Mom of 2, with a super supportive husband who doesn’t mind that Natural Hair is my life! I’m an award winning beauty editor of the fabulous natural hair website KinkyCurlyCoilyMe! and I’m pretty good at social media. I’m committed to being healthy and sharing that journey with everyone to keep me accountable and to inspire and support you. When I’m not writing, editing, and filming YT videos — I’m either playing with my kids, working out in the gym, eating in some restaurant, hanging with my sorority sisters (zphi!) or traveling the world with my family.”

When recently asked about her success and what has been the favorite moment in her journey so far,  Jenell answered: “I spend most of the working day in my office writing and editing articles, filming and editing videos and taking phone meetings, when I do finally get the chance to go out and meet the women I am influencing, it makes all that time working in solitude worthwhile.”

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