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Raffi Kirdi

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Raffi Kirdi, A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, and acclaimed photographer, Raffi Kirdi, has been responsible for creating some of the ones that stay etched in your memory long after they have been published in worldwide publications.

The perfect example of this is his heartbreaking photo of Celine Dion captured at the funeral of her beloved husband, René Angelil, at Notre-Dame Basilica, in Montreal, Canada, on January 22. This image was seen across the globe and sparked an outpouring of support for the superstar singer.

Celine Dion

Raffi Kirdi has enjoyed a prestigious and unstoppable career in photography since his decision to pick up a camera and forge a career behind the lens.

Fluent in 7 languages, his work has been featured in international magazines and newspapers, such as Time, Newsweek, Match, Figaro, Oggi, Geo, Stern, Vanity fair and Vogue. Also his photos have been used in international advertising campaigns for Alitalia and Brahma as well as the Italian photography annual.

Raffi is a highly acclaimed travel photographer focusing his work particularly on the people and landscape of Europe — and within the industry he is respected both for his evident talent, but his generosity of spirit and kindness.

He divides his time between Europe and North America, capturing the beauty of the world in which we live.

You can view Raffi’s photos on his website: www. raffiphoto.com and follow his work on Instagram: @rkpixs

Raffi Kirdi, Photographer




Tom Soluri

Tom Soluri

Tom Soluri is a fashion and celebrity expert extraordinaire and a talented creative director.

With over a decade of experience as a celebrity and fashion stylist, Tom Soluri has styled numerous Hollywood and entertainment figures, such as Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lopez. Tom, who divides his time between New York and LA, has also worked as a wardrobe stylist on various film projects including: The Departed, Music and Lyrics, Vanilla Sky, Spiderman 2, Maid in Manhattan, The Pink Panther and Far From Heaven as well as the television series “Gossip Girl.”  When he’s not dressing his clientele for red carpet moments, and other major events and appearances, Tom also consults for leading NY and LA Fashion brands.

On the other side of the camera, Tom Soluri has also provided fashion and style commentary for programs such as How Do I Look?, Style Her Famous, Everyday Runway Makeover, VH1’s Tough Love, MTV’s Made and more, in addition to contributing to Us Weekly and Life & Style Weekly as a fashion pundit.

As a creative director, Tom has lent his vision to other design projects ranging from interior design—both residential and hospitality-focused—to commercial art direction and Lifestyle entertainment.

He is the go-to man when it comes to style –, great style, that is.

 tom soluri

You can view his slew of high profile work on his website http://www.tomsoluri.com/ and follow him on Instagram @tomsoluri_style

Corie Jones


Big and bold is Corie Jones signature style with 7 years under his belt, starting from humble  being raised in Long Beach, Ca were Corie credits his mother for his strong foundation and veteran hair stylist Deron Cole as his mentor in the art of healthy hair care, weaving, and styling. he started as a assistant for Cole. Corie excelled and did a exceptional job learning healthy hair care techniques as well as installation of  hair extensions, cut and color and big bold style.

Corie Jones hard work paid off big Corie Jones is the owner and lead stylist of Urban Village Hair Salon in Belflower, CA, He is a healthy hair expert, who seeks to deliver an exceptional hair experience for every one of his clients. His list of client just to name a few include Black Chyna, Tiny, he has also been seen on Kim Kimble’s La Hair.
And that he seems to deliver time and time again. Focusing on weaves, thermal styling, color, cutting, his posts on Instagram garner endless likes and gushing remarks.
Just last week, he turned a client’s hair a bright bold red and posted a snap to instagram, writing: 2bad2bc New Install Alert ….. Deep Side Part with Custom Color 28″ Long & Silky !!! Get the Look Today #HairbyCj at@urbanvillagehairstudio !! #bellflowerhair#Longbeachhair #iehair #CarsonHair#LAHair #inglewoodhair #culvercityhair#UVHS.” which was met with comments such as: mixxd_chicx1#thatcolortho ???? I want that.”
Black Chyna

Black Chyna




 In another post, which received over 300 likes, Corie wrote: “2bad2bc  Let It Go Ladies !!!!! Get Rid of that Dead/Broken Hair Off & Get Your Hair Back Healthy It’s Simple ! Weave or Not I take Care of your Natural Hair!”
“Beautiful” was the response he yielded.
 Corie tend to your locks, he’ll ensure that you have beautiful natural hair without breaking your budget. Follow him on Instagram: @2bad2bc
Corie Jones

Corie Jones, Healthy Hair Care

Kaye Dash


Kaye Dash


Kaye Dash of Salon Republic, in Beverly Hills, Ca is a truly gifted hair stylist her range of styling is remarkable Kaye works amazingly well with all hair textures, her work can be seen on TV,  as well as print work your possibilities our endless Kaye specialize in color, cut, and styling. Book a appointment today http://www.styleseat.com/dashexchange or follow her on Instagram @kayedash


Curt Cobain

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Curt Cobain

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He works at L.A.’s RVM Salon, on Wilshire where he has become famed for specialization in hair weaving.

Curt Cobain is a celebrity hair stylist with an artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail.
As a weave and extension specialist he has worked with a number of celebrity clients and you have seen his work on television as well as in magazines. A master of his craft he keeps up with the latest techniques and hair trends as they appear on the fashion scene. He is constantly working on his own innovative techniques always pushing the boundaries of hair.
With 2 years of work, which the results need to really be seen on Instagram, it’s no wonder he has celebrity clients clamouring.
In one of his recent posts, he wrote: “I can blend any hair texture or length, she went from a short cut to full flip over method . My installs are created to fit every clients needs not wants.
To which his followers responded:
  • @lalalolu I wanna get my hair done by him  check his page
Another post, he explains: “Still not a believer. Tag a friend to show them it is possible to have natural closure when installed properly.
2015-11-02 12.42.54_resized
To which the responses were:
And you do, too.
Follow him on Instagram at @curt_cobain

Kim Kimble


Kim Kimble has an A-list client list that is jaw-dropping, but it has taken Kim Kimble 20 years of blood, sweat and tears, to have the likes of  Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige, Gabrielle Union, Sisse Marie, Tamar Braxton, & Oprah Winfrey, requesting her services.

Oh, and Kimble happens to be Beyoncé’s hair stylist, too.

Kimble has an enviable client list

Kimble has an enviable client list

Hailing from humble beginnings as a third generation hairstylist in Chicago, Kimble rose through the ranks, having her own reality show on WEtv, L.A. Hair and now owns her own salon, Kimble Hair Studio and Extension Bar, in West Hollywood. She also has her own line of hair care products and provides educational classes.

Kim Kimble says that despite her success, it didn’t come easy — by any means.


“I think that some people think that it’s easy, but it’s not easy and it didn’t just happen overnight,” she told E!. “It was years of training and classes and experimenting and working. It took me 20 years to get to where I’m at right now. People don’t see the blood, sweat and tears, the bags that I have to schlep around, the over-preparing or that I have a team helping me prepare for things on the level that I like to do because I’m just not easy like that. I like to do things extra.”

Kim's clients

Kim’s clients

And how did she land Queen Bey as a client?

“It was around this time that Beyoncé was working on a lot of her own music and when the time came, she asked me to do the hair on her “Crazy in Love” music video,” she explains.

She may have a high-profile client list, but Kimble remains humble.

“I’m a born-again Christian, and my pastor had been preaching a lot of things about having faith and believing and asking God for what you want,” she says. “So I did that but it’s not going to just happen. I put the work in. I earned it. I had to learn as much as I could learn.”

Her work with Bey has appeared in American Vogue

Kim Kimble work with Beyonce has appeared in American Vogue

Follow her on instagram @kimblehaircare or visit her website http://www.kimkimble.com



Bellami found itself firmly in the spotlight with Kylie Jenner, the reality TV star has teamed up with the Bellami  hair to launch her own line of extensions,  Kylie Hair Kouture, and was helping promote the hair extensions line in West Hollywood.


The company writes that Kylie is: “Armed with an arsenal of grace and glam, Miss Jenner is the muse of a generation. From 90’s retro rival to modern glam, she effortlessly captures the world’s attention with her bold and beautiful aura. She could start a beauty revolution with a single sultry selfie. From her mermaid chic bob to a long hair don’t care attitude, setting trends is a full-time job for this Boho Beauty.”

Kylie at the event

Kylie at the event

Bellami bills itself as providing luxury hair extensions without the fuss of coloring, and their catch phrase is that everyone woman is beautiful, glam, sophisticated, wise, elegant, and most of all, she believes she is beautiful because she is. Follow Bellami on Instagram @ bellamihair or visit there website: http://www.bellamihair.com






Hrush Achemyan


Hrush Achemyan is an LA based Hair and Makeup Artist, she is as beautiful as the gorgeous work she creates.

Bold brows? Check. Fierce lashes? Check. Flowing, healthy locks? Check.

When it comes to looking your best, Hrush Achemyan really is your girl.

She’s also a lifestyle blogger and shares her inside tips on everything from exercise and healthy eating to makeup essentials on her website, styledbyhrush.com.

Follow Hrush Achemyan on Instagram @styledbyhrush

Jimmy Jimmy Coco

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Jimmy Jimmy Coco Hollywood’s celebrity and Victoria’s Secret sunless tanning expert — the man everyone goes to when they want that sun-kissed look.

2015-11-11 10.51.42_resized


Jimmy Jimmy Coco is world renowned and has revolutionized Hollywood skin with his one of a kind personalized VIP home service spray-tanning and tanning essentials under his trademark brand.

Jimmy became the in-demand Tan Man and renamed himself in 2004, Jimmy Coco and his company the very him and “catchy” Jimmy Jimmy Coco Corp. Fast forward to over ten years later and Jimmy is still in high demand. Hailed as Hollywoods tan authority by leading fashion and beauty magazines, and earning “The Best of the Best” honor in Allure Magazine (2007,2009,2011,2013). Named Pioneer of tanning in New York Post. His innovative and creative style has given him the leading edge in tanning trend for a decade.

As you can imagine, Jimmy jet setting around the globe tending to tanning skin.

His own line — Blast Tanning Spray — is touted as the last tan in a can you’ll ever need. Formulated with Vitamin D, Red Algae, and pine-pulp extract, your skin will look and feel like you’ve been on a refreshing Island getaway! Blast is environmentally friendly as it does not harm the ozone later.

Matthew McConaughey gave Jimmy's brand a shout out in Marie Claire UK

Matthew McConaughey gave Jimmy’s brand a shout out in Marie Claire UK

Follow him on Instagram @jimmyjimmycoco or visit the website: http://www.jimmycoco.com


Kiyah Wright


Kiyah Wright is one of the most sought-after hair designer’s and hair stylist’s in her industry.

She counts boldfaced names such as Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Murphy and Ciara as her clients.


Kiyah Wright is a two-time Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist whose genius has not only set the precedent for image making, but has redefined the appearance of sexy, successful and confident women. Kiyah is a fashion powerhouse with expertise ranging from signature hair designs to overall beauty consultation and transformation. As a charismatic visionary, this creative trendsetter has established her mark in the industry and continues to inspire with cutting edge developments and groundbreaking achievements.

She has been featured on hit television shows like The Tyra Show, America’s Next Top Model, America’s Got Talent, and BET’s “My Black Is Beautiful”. She has made guest appearances on Style Her Famous, Shear Genius, MTV’s “Hired” and can be found giving hair and beauty tips on AOL “Daily Solutions” webisodes. In addition, Kiyah’s work has been prominently displayed in magazine such as Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, Essence, and Vogue. Aside from this rigorous work schedule Kiyah manages to remain loyal to her client base at the highly celebrated Warren-Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles.

Kiyah Wright believes, “behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulous hairstylist.”

Her diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate a woman’s beauty, inside and out. Kiyah aims to bring awareness and knowledge to the proper care of “blended hair,” a variety of textures whether it be curls or kinks. As a result, she is in development on a line of hair styling products for textured hair.


Follow Kiyah Wright on Instagram @kiyahwright1 or visit her website: http://www.kiyahwright.com