Bellami found itself firmly in the spotlight with Kylie Jenner, the reality TV star has teamed up with the Bellami  hair to launch her own line of extensions,  Kylie Hair Kouture, and was helping promote the hair extensions line in West Hollywood.


The company writes that Kylie is: “Armed with an arsenal of grace and glam, Miss Jenner is the muse of a generation. From 90’s retro rival to modern glam, she effortlessly captures the world’s attention with her bold and beautiful aura. She could start a beauty revolution with a single sultry selfie. From her mermaid chic bob to a long hair don’t care attitude, setting trends is a full-time job for this Boho Beauty.”

Kylie at the event

Kylie at the event

Bellami bills itself as providing luxury hair extensions without the fuss of coloring, and their catch phrase is that everyone woman is beautiful, glam, sophisticated, wise, elegant, and most of all, she believes she is beautiful because she is. Follow Bellami on Instagram @ bellamihair or visit there website: