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“How we shape our environment determines how we feel; how we feel changes everything.

I believe that colours have the power to heal people. I want to touch people inside, and make them feel a spark in a world that is so overwhelming, and bombarded with chaos.  I want to enlighten everyone I meet, and help them understand the world a little bit better.”-Daliea
Born in December 6, 1990, Daliea, is now a Toronto based Canadian Artist who passionately expresses herself through painting in the fashion of contemporary surrealism. Her paintings demonstrate power of authority, freedom from the self, and Rebellion.  They frequently  contain strategic miscalculations that capture both the subtleness and boldness of the painted concept.  Her creativity  is “out of the box,”  yet still sophisticated. Her art is nothing less than  monstrous, hypnotizing,  and majestic. Surrealism and conceptuality merge together to present familiar iconic images through her unique perspectives.

At the age of 6, Daliea attended a private school that her mother managed where she studied Art, Piano, and English as a second language.  She was very art driven , and her journey exposed her to different cultures, ethnicities, tastes and musical inspirations which dramatically influenced her artistic pallet.

She was listening to influential musicians such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Vivaldi, and Yanni by the age of 8. As she grew up, she continued to practice sketching and drawing, then finally, picking up the paint brush at the age of 17, where she fell in love with oil painting on canvas, her preferred medium today. Her first painting was done at the age of 17. Today at 24 years old, she has created over 20 masterpieces.

“Surrealism chose me. It picked me as it’s messenger because it fits me perfectly. In a way , it is also a reflection of my personality. Surreal art can invite you to escape into another world, but also allow you to notice familiarities that comfort you. It will give you a twisted yet intriguing outlook on something you thought you would never see in a different way.

It is Art at its finest because it is limitless. My imagination allows me to delve into my subconscious and create something that has  never existed before. When I see a canvas , the possibilities are endless! I love to paint larger than life paintings because they create a breathtaking environment, and I want others to feel the emotion of the painting up close and personal.”- Daliea