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Shannon Pezzetta has a love of color, which is evident by the shots Shannon Pezzetta shares on Instagram featuring models with bright and brazen looks.

And it’s no surprise make-up artist Shannon Pezzetta has redefined the standard of beauty for countless celebrity clients including the likes of  Jennifer Hudson, Anna Kendrick, Keke Palmer, Matt Kemp, Ciara, and Raphael Sadiq. “I love when I do some one’s makeup, and they start taking self pics,” she says.


Shannon Pezzetta

Pezzetta, who studied at Philadelphia’s The Hussian School, defines her style as “Grassroots, with New Age artistic elements.” In Hollywood, she has become a hit, becoming one of the leaders in her field and in 2012 her dream became a reality when she launched her own cosmetics line,  Shannon Pezzetta Cosmetics, starting off with the introductory product “Pezzetta Lashes.” Actress Keke Palmer,  one of the faces of Pezzetta Cosmetics, says: “Pezzetta lashes are the most natural looking, stylish, and multi use lashes you can buy.” Follow Pezzetta on Instagram @shannonpezzetta and check out more of her work on her website: http://