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Jamie Haynes


Jamie Haynes has turned a small boutique agency into a heavyweight in the entertainment agency.  In 2002, Jamie Haynes launched the Rouge Artists agency in Los Angeles, which houses hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, production designers, prop stylists, photographers and digital influencers. Now, over a decade later, it has an enviable client list of the “who’ who” in various verticals in the entertainment world.

Rouge The Agency

The Agency

Want proof? Just head to the company’s Instagram page @rougeartists where posts of A-list beauties hitting the red carpet at the Golden Globes among other events, adorn its wall, as too, does the new Nike ad.

On its website page, magazine covers are featured as is individual shoots with Lady Gaga and Ben Stiller, among others. There’s nothing, it seems, this company can’t do.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Haynes cut her teeth working on Commercials & Print. Giving her an insight into production and what clients need in regards to hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists, she launched Rouge Artists with the vision of serving artists and clients in a boutique-style manner.

This is the philosophy that the company has always maintained throughout the years, and one that has led Jamie Haynes, and her team to tremendous success today, making them a powerhouse in the entertainment world.

Jamie Haynes, Founder Rouge Artists Agency

Jamie Haynes, Founder Rouge Agency

Contact the Agency for booking:

Shannon Pezzetta


Shannon Pezzetta has a love of color, which is evident by the shots Shannon Pezzetta shares on Instagram featuring models with bright and brazen looks.

And it’s no surprise make-up artist Shannon Pezzetta has redefined the standard of beauty for countless celebrity clients including the likes of  Jennifer Hudson, Anna Kendrick, Keke Palmer, Matt Kemp, Ciara, and Raphael Sadiq. “I love when I do some one’s makeup, and they start taking self pics,” she says.


Shannon Pezzetta

Pezzetta, who studied at Philadelphia’s The Hussian School, defines her style as “Grassroots, with New Age artistic elements.” In Hollywood, she has become a hit, becoming one of the leaders in her field and in 2012 her dream became a reality when she launched her own cosmetics line,  Shannon Pezzetta Cosmetics, starting off with the introductory product “Pezzetta Lashes.” Actress Keke Palmer,  one of the faces of Pezzetta Cosmetics, says: “Pezzetta lashes are the most natural looking, stylish, and multi use lashes you can buy.” Follow Pezzetta on Instagram @shannonpezzetta and check out more of her work on her website: http://

Kevin Wade

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Keven Wade – Celebrity Make-up Artist Kevin Wade is one of the most sought-after make-up artist’s in the industry, and  Wade’s mission statement is simple: “Men and women of color deserve just as much recognition in the beauty industry”. Kevin Wade has been recognized for his impressive body of work with the likes of Boyz II Men, Kip Force (from Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmatcher and VHI’s I Love Money) and pop-singer, Tinashe (signed with Columbia Universal Republic and RCA Records), and Celebrity Custom Wig Maker Toyko Stylez just to name a few.
He also happens to be a Beauty Influencer &  Photographer, too.

Kevin Wade says of his love of make-up: “I fell in love with make-up and photography when I was a part of a paid summer internship for the Long Beach Community Action Partnership.  They pretty much started me out on my journey. Shout out to April And Maeve! I also wanna say thank you to my instructors Anthony Evans and Liz Castellanos for teaching me the skills I use today and for keeping me interested in make-up and photography; you both are so amazing!” As for the best beauty tip he has for women out there? “The most important beauty advice I could give would be to take care of your skin!” Wade says. “Good skin is the bees for everything.

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Kevin Wade – Make Up Artist

Make-up looks even more amazing on skin that is taken care of. “The skin you take care of in your teens and 20’s is the skin you’ll have in your 30’s and beyond.” On Instagram, his worked is fawned over.
A recent post, which saw him do make-up for @KreeshTurner, a Canadian/Jamaican recording artist and songwriter,  and garnered such comments as: “Omg do my makeup,” and “This is so beautiful.”

Check out his fabulous work and follow him on Instagram: @iamkevinwade

Aliana Moss


Aliana Moss

Aliana Moss passion to enhance every woman’s natural beauty.  Aliana has a natural eye for creating classic make-up looks.

“I take pride in making women feel beautiful, Artist In The Spotlight: Aliana Moss and believe makeup is a fun and powerful way to express each person’s individuality,” Moss explains.

Her passion for make-up, she says, started at an early age and lead her from Cambridge, MA, where she was born to Los Angeles.

Aliana Moss

Aliana Moss

And she worked hard to master her craft, beginning her career assisting some of the top make-up artists in the entertainment industry before going out on her own and finding success.

So successful, Aliana Moss is right now, that she is bi coastal constantly spending her time tending to her clients on both the East Coast and West Coast.

Follow Moss on Instagram @alianamoss. or visit her website